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              See what some consistency can do for your picking powers! Generate speed and accuracy. Whether it has a RunBarr or not, pick like a maniac on anything with strings on it. The RunBarr takes you there. Great for:
**Alternate Picking
**Economy Picking
**Hybrid Picking

Johnny Hiland, Nashville Superpicker, loves HIS RunBarr! Check out how he uses it in his upcoming TrueFire video "Ten Gallon Guitar"! 

"...Instant gratification...I don't speedpick w/o my RunBarr for the same reason I don't drive my car with square wheels... the missing part on every electric guitar" Dan Bergoyne, NYC

Please watch the video below and see the undeniable physics behind this speed-and-control booster.

You just Velcro the RunBarr to the surface of your current pickguard or guitar, under the strings. EZ on, EZ off.

Guitar playing technique is athletics of the hands.

We therefore subscribe to Sports Medicine rule #1:

"Training at higher speeds by whatever means, makes you faster." This is called "overspeed training". This is just one of the the benefits we deliver the moment you start using the RunBarr.

It's your call-you can train failure or train success. But the longer you spend reinforcing unsuccessful string strikes, the further behind you fall.    The great pickers have trained-in their ability to accurately move the pick back-and-forth through the strike zone. You've seen them-they don't miss. And that is a liberating asset. It's all but fail-proof. That takes years. The RunBarr collapses that into months or even weeks

Balance, or Trampoline Mode 

In this mode you generally set the RunBarr fairly close to the strings and pick deliberately at the "floor" the RunBarr creates for you. Whether you are performing an upstroke or downstroke, the pick will ride up and over the string, striking that string consistently every time, no matter what your level of proficiency is.
We have discovered that for some players, this eliminates the need to rest your palm against the bridge to gain picking stability. Instead, stability is generated at the point of attack itself. This gives you that "freehand" feel only it's stabilized. So a slight downward, constant pressure with the pick on the 
shock-absorbed RunBarr allows you to really rip it at high speeds.
This mode of use has also been called the "Shooting fish in a barrel" mode, a reference to the feeling that you "can't miss". Well, basically, you can't.

No Drilling. No Holes.
RunBarr snaps together, and on It goes.  
Leaves no marks when you take it off.

When was the last time you used your pickguard playing lead guitar? Current pickguards "guard" against STRUMMING. The RunBarr is the only pickguard designed and patented for the lead guitarist.  Promotes a perfectly level and even pickstroke, and increases picking speed. 

"Find your Speed"

Reference Depth Controller Mode

Using the RunBarr as a reference depth controller you can quickly hone a craft that can take years to develop, namely picking at a reasonable, consistent depth. While it is true, sometimes you want to "dig in" for emphasis on certain passages in single note soloing, by and large you want to be able to control when that happens. (it's easy, just move off the RunBarr and dig in). The key to using the RunBarr in this mode is to set the RunBarr's flexible "floor" and practice a picking motion that avoids touching the RunBarr with your pick. This will help you channel your picking attack into a planar motion across the strings rather than wasting motion between, above, and below the strings. I often find myself picking with my thumbpick on the RunBarr and a finger off the RunBarr. Or the opposite!



RunBarr "Tallboy"
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