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easy fingerpicking=great guitar solos

Play any style. Blues...Rock... Country...Metal... Doesn't Matter. Do It All! Easy fingerpicking guitar=great guitar solos.

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"dedicated to the extreme simplification of advanced guitar"

What It Is & How You Get Good:

Fast-Track construction of advanced techniques rather than overextension of simplex techniques.


If you are an acoustic player:

EZroll will turn the beginner's fingerpicking
technique into the ultimate acoustic or electric guitar shredding tool, and drop you back into fingerpicking at a drastically increased level of prowess, giving you the best of both worlds.

DVD Features & Particulars

Practical: Allows you to easily harvest what your guitar is trying to give to you naturally.

Groundbreaking: This unique approach, born of neuroscience and ergonomics, features the force-multiplier effects of just three basic easy-to-execute picking patterns.

Results-Oriented: This DVD does not focus on music theory. This is all about the execution of scorching chops in the real world-the one you actually live in.

Multiple Levels: Players at nearly all levels of guitar proficiency, early-intermediate to advanced, benefit from Easy Roll Guitar.

Multiple Styles: Whether you play rock, blues, country, metal, thrash, jazz, bluegrass-all styles are supported in Easy Roll Guitar.

Picking Tools: You can use a flatpick, thumbpick, hybrid pick or no pick.

1:1 Facility: If you can play it on electric, you can play it on acoustic, and vice-versa.

Motor Skills Requirement: This method is ergonomic; if you can drum the fingers of both hands on a tabletop in a galloping sequence simultaneously, you are ready for Easy Roll Guitar. No finger-thumb independence is required in this course. Blues

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If you are an electric guitar player:fingerstyle blues guitar

EZroll's  dynamically simplified approach to hybrid picking and electric fingerstyle will open new dimensions in technique faster than you ever thought possible, improving speed and musicianship, all without impacting any flatpicking you may already do.

           Hybrid Picking
            Muchos Octane.

The application of techniques and insights
in this DVD are geared towards quick-start,
easy lead guitar and "shredding."

Easy Roll is "hot" in it's own right.
That means if you apply Easy Roll Guitar
at all, you are playing hot chops right out of the box.

However, the techniques are applicable and
rewarding when slowed down and used in a
variety of musical contexts.

"The complexities behind any guitar
method should sit in the background as
 support for the simplexities you teach"
George Pittaway, Author, Easy Roll Guitar

learned 2 hybrid picking
 moves that were slow 
 They turned into 50 fingerstyle
runs that are fast"
Samuel Newberg, NYC
"Your video is fu#*ing great. I've watched
 a ton of guitar instruction videos and
you have nailed it"
John Monto, Minneapolis, MN.

"For newcomers, welcome. Your life as a guitar player is about to get a whole lot easier. And easier means you get better faster."
George Pittaway, author "EZroll Guitar

"This DVD is an incredible bargain at $15. Go take and look at the videos on his site and buy it."
Nick Torres, guitarnoise.com

"This is an ideal DVD for the advanced beginner and beyond"
Guitar World
"The teasers are a hoot but the DVD is all business...I'm finally shredding on the fu#*ing blues...about time...!"
Robert Dickinson, Detroit MI.

Copyright 2006, 2007 George Pittaway all rights reserved.
Mailing Address: EZrollguitar.com
                      12101 Murray Hill Dr.
                      Midlothian, Va. 23113                                  "Easy Advanced Guitar"